KubeLift CLI

KubeLift sits on top of the Azure CLI and takes the effort out of provisioning single-node Kubernetes clusters by dealing with authentication, key retrieval and context switching on your behalf, all provided with an unashamedly Vagrant-esque API

To download and extract KubeLift on macOS or Linux, simply run the following command in your terminal:

curl -sSL https://kubelift.io/install.sh | sh

Note: Always be cautious when running scripts directly from the internet. We recommend reviewing the script contents before executing.

KubeLift CLI is cross-platform, written in Rust and open-source under an Apache 2 license.

Opinionated single node install of Kubernetes for dev and test

Create an internet-accessible self-managed Kubernetes cluster in just a few minutes.

Optimized for Microsoft Azure

Uses the eBPF-enabled CBL-Mariner 2.0 Linux distribution which is highly optimized for use in the Microsoft Azure environment.

Ephemeral VM support

KubeLift Solo deploys the latest stable versions of upstream (OSS) Kubernetes, ContainerD and Cilium